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Hello, you are in Free Games Now Online, it is a web page dedicated to the search and classification of video games. These games are specifically chosen to work directly in your web browser. This way you don't have to install anything at all on your mobile, tablet or pc. Just search for the game you like and it will open on the page to play.

Have fun with free online games

There games shown here are free games and you are free to play them and because they are online you can play them anywhene and anywhere. That's way you are able to play them in mobile or computer. Their mission is to amuse, entertain and even educate.

How do the games work?

The games on this website, when the programmers created the games they exported to HTML5, which allows them to run in web browsers. But not all video game engines can export to this format. When playing, games can make use of the storage system provided by your browser in a standard way to save your progress and so you can come back another day to continue playing your favorite games.

Why use Free Games Now Online?

Today there are many video games and many more are created every day. So it is more necessary than ever to classify and rate games well so as not to get lost in mediocre games. In Free Games Now Online we try to give you the best quality games possible, testing and classifying them so that it is very easy for you to find what you are looking for. Also, they are free! you don't have to pay, there are no subscriptions fee or things like that. The only thing we ask is that if you use an ad blocker, make us happy deactivating it on this website,please, and thus we will have motivation to continue bringing you the best current games.

Play your favorite games

In Free Games Now Online we have thought it would be good to have located all the games you like in a specific place, easily accessible so that it is not hard to find them the next time you come back here to play. That is why we have created the Favorites section that you will find in the upper bar with the icon of a red heart ♥ ️.

In addition you can make use of the Search tool by clicking in the magnifying glass 🔍 inn the top bar to find the games and categories you are interested in.

Enjoy and have fun!